GIRBAU celebrates its 50th anniversary
Around a thousand people attended the celebration event
GIRBAU celebrates its 50th anniversary

On Saturday 17 April, Girbau began the series of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the production of its first industrial washer with a party for its employees and close collaborators.

The day included visits to the three production centres that the company has in Barcelona. Guests then attended a celebration of the company, beginning with an interview with the senior management team that have led the company for the last 50 years: Pere Girbau Bover, Antoni Girbau and Teresa Girbau


The master of ceremonies introduced a video with interventions by many of those who have collaborated with Girbau in recent years.

The seniors thanked all those who have participated in the project for their collaboration and affirmed that it gave them great satisfaction to see the continuity of the company assured. In an emotional act, the three Girbau seniors, who have now retired from most executive duties, affirmed that we "have never sought short-term business goals, but a long-term project, with a company philosophy based on people and on the value of customer-linked growth, with closeness, rooted in the territory and constantly striving to create added value". During their interview the three added that they have enjoyed 50 years of passionate involvement and have had a great time doing what they have done, "even though there have been hard times, we have always felt the strength of the team and of the people behind it". 

Next, and after the Girbau brothers and sister had left the stage to a great ovation from those attending, it was the turn of the current Chief Executive Officers of the company, Mercè Girbau and Pere Girbau Pous, to speak.


During their address, the CEOs thanked their predecessors for their achievement, assuring that “the senior team had set very high standards and had passed on their passion for the company and also the social value, the respect for people and the importance of doing things well,  always taking into account the values that make the Girbau company different".

Mercè Girbau and Pere Girbau Pous spoke of their optimism for the future: "we know that we have the best team, a sound company, an extensive commercial network, the best product and the best strategy. We have to maintain the drive for constant improvement that has marked the last 50 years and to convince our customers with facts that we are their best partner". 

During their intervention they highlighted Girbau’s particular business model, the sense of being a family business with a vocation for multinational expansion: "Girbau is a fruit of many people’s passions and of knowing how to combine a highly local sense of being rooting in its territory and knowing how to maintain the values of the family company, in parallel with a great attribute of international expansion".


Even though the origins of Girbau go back to the nineteen twenties, with an electrical and mechanical workshop, it was not until 1960 when the first industrial washing machine was manufactured, coinciding with the tourist boom in Spain.

Girbau is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of machinery for laundries that are installed in businesses of every kind:  hotels, hospitals, restaurants, industrial laundries, coin-op laundries, camp sites, cruise ships, etc.
The company, with subsidiaries in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and China, continues its commitment to its process of expansion, and is currently opening subsidiaries in Italy and India. In addition, Girbau sells products in 90 countries all over the world. In 2008 the Girbau Group had a turnover of 96 million euros.