Girbau has new self-service laundry references in Portugal
Three new clients have entrusted the setting up of their vended laundry businesses to Girbau.
Girbau has new self-service laundry references in Portugal

Setting up a vended laundry business is never an easy task. There are many self-service laundries on the market today, rent on premises is high and the cost of building work has rocketed due to inflation. This is why Girbau has always striven to offer our clients a comprehensive, personalized advice service, to support them throughout the process of setting up their business. Furthermore, once the business is working, Girbau sets out to offer them the peace of mind they deserve and ensure their business is profitable in the long term, at the same time standing out from the competition.

In this respect, Girbau has three new references in Portugal, which means three new clients who have entrusted the setting up of their laundries to us.

Limpaqui, in Braga, has both a self-service laundry and a DogWash. As the premises were too big, the client decided to share them and so diversify their business. Bolha de Sabão, in Gondomar, on the other hand, is a laundry with a long history behind it. It was initially intended to be in a different location in larger premises, but faced with problems over permits its owners, Luis and Paula, did not give in and, thanks to Girbau's advice, decided to set it up in smaller premises.

Finally, María Lavadeira, in Alabergaria-a-Velha, is in an area with other self-service laundries very nearby. However, its smart appearance, quality latest-generation Girbau machines and top-class chemicals have won over its clients.

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