Girbau presents its new mini mobile laundry in Alicante
This new innovation stands out since it is very small, personalisable, portable and adaptable
Girbau presents its new mini mobile laundry in Alicante

17 October 2019. – Girbau, the leading firm in the world in integrated professional solutions, has selected Alicante as the place to debut is new portable laundry: Mobile Laundry Mini. A new concept in portable, adaptable and plug&play laundry that has been specifically designed to be installed in shopping centres, supermarkets and other establishments such as hotels, hostels, camping sites and petrol stations.

Giraliben, Girbau’s subsidiary in Alicante, will be debuting the Mobile Laundry Mini at the Gran Alacant shopping centre in Alicante on Friday 18 October from 10 am to 8 pm and 19 October from 10 am to 2 pm in front of the Mercadona supermarket. As such, everyone there can see for themselves how this new Girbau product works and how versatile it is. They will also learn about how this pioneering innovation could help them to do other chores while washing.

Girbau's Marketing Manager, Mònica Cuatrecases, stated that: “The Mobile Laundry Mini provides a truly efficient and top-quality solution for self-service laundries with a very low investment risk. Our goal is to create synergies between these laundries and many other establishments and businesses, from hotels and camping sites to large events and festivals.

After the presentation on the weekend, the Mobil Laundry Mini will remain at the Gran Alacant shopping centre for two months. Good Wash will be operating this very small unit. Adrián Espin, the head of Giraliben, stated that: “We’re really pleased to be presenting the Mobile Laundry Mini in Alicante, which is a region that Girbau is really committed to. This innovation does not just help our clients improve their businesses, but it is also aimed at improving people’s lives, giving them a truly valuable asset: time. With this new laundry concept, users can optimise their time and get their shopping done while they do a load of laundry.” 


The latest item from Girbau

Mobile Laundry Mini is very small, personalisable and adaptable. Similarly, it takes 45 minutes to wash and dry — roughly the time it takes to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket — with a format that doesn't take up more than 3.5 metres lengthwise. It has been specifically designed to be transported. There are four options in different size models, from 2.45 to 2.57 metres wide and 3 to 3.5 metres long, which can vary depending on the number and type of washing machines and tumble driers included. Furthermore, the installation required is not complex, they just need to be connected up to a power and water supply and the drainage system. It should be pointed out that it has electric, plumbing and gas installations with high-quality materials and it requires very little maintenance.


Servijostom, a technical warranty service

In Alicante Girbau works alongside its partner Servijostom, a company that offers technical and quality warranty services. This means that Girbau can give its clients the added value of having top-end technical support to meet their needs quickly and effectively.

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