Wet Cleaning is the only solution on the market to guarantee disinfection of delicate items while caring for the fabric
Covid-19 has posed a great challenge for the washing and disinfection of delicate garments
Wet Cleaning is the only solution on the market to guarantee disinfection of delicate items while caring for the fabric

The context of Covid-19 has made clear the importance of washing and disinfecting textiles to guarantee proper elimination of germs and viruses. This new situation presents a real challenge for dry cleaners and laundries because the most usual way of washing delicate items, Dry Cleaning, cannot guarantee that the process of disinfecting textiles is carried out successfully. Nor is conventional washing in water a useful option in this case, as the high temperature of the water, which is necessary for disinfection, would damage the items.

In these circumstances Girbau is a pioneer in the industry because of its firm commitment to Wet Cleaning as the sustainable alternative to Dry Cleaning. This innovative Wet Cleaning process is specially designed to protect, care for and enhance the final quality of the wash, while at the same time guaranteeing complete extermination of viruses and germs. it is the only system currently available on the market capable of disinfecting the most delicate items without damaging them, so assuring their durability. This method consists of a comprehensive treatment that cares for the most delicate items without any need for chemical solvents, but simply with biodegradable soaps free from any components harmful to the environment such as the tetrachloroethylene, hydrocarbons and the like which are used in Dry Cleaning. 

it is compatible with a wider range of items than Dry Cleaning, and can be used with 97% of fabrics. As well as ensuring total disinfection of micro-organisms, the Girbau Wet Cleaning system offers excellent results for your business as it drastically reduces the costs of the investment and the wash itself, by as much as half, according to the company's calculations.  The short duration of the washing and drying programmes offered by Girbau machines, specifically the high-speed industrial washing machines in the HS SERIES range and the ED SERIES of advanced dryers, mean that water and energy consumption during the Wet Cleaning process are significantly less than for a dry process. These machines also feature an ergonomic design, require hardly any maintenance and include the Inteli Control system which offers the possibility of adapting, personalising and programming parameters for the washing and drying cycles in Wet Cleaning processes.

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